Integration and Support Technician (H/F)

Integration and Support Technician (H/F)
Entreprise : IEF2I
Localisation : ile de france
Contrat : CDI
Salaire : 15000 k€
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Description du poste
Three main types of activities (handling / Documentation / Software) are implemented in the realization of these services.
Below an example of a sequence of actions:
Activity Corresponding tasks
1. Purchase of equipment from suppliers By purchasing manager
2. upon delivery verification of conformity of the delivery Compared To control
Labelling of packages to Identify qui project dedicated They Are
Storage of packages per project in the Allocated space
file update (Excel, Word) Identifying the equipment and Its status
3. Testing equipment received Unpacking the hardware and cardboard in the storage space dedicated
Expects to power plant
In the case of servers / PCs:
Installation of the operating system or the full pre-installation builder
Integration of different twigs (hard drives, PCI cards, memory cards ...) When computers fail ready to use .
connection to the network and installing updates
Installing application software COROBOR on servers / PCs DEDICATED according to the documentation provided for this purpose
Configuration application software COROBOR on servers / PCs d e e di s according to the documentation provided for this purpose
5. Platform mounting for a project (internal validation, customer training, factory acceptance) Passage of a list of application testing according to documentation provided for this purpose
Updating an eventual list of tests
6. Integration application software COROBOR Updating the documentation supplied to the customer under the project specificity
By engineer COROBOR
Backups of specific software configuration files by following the instructions
Type Safeguard system image via dedicated tools (Windows backup, Clonezilla, Acronis ....)
Updated documentation for tracing the activity (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
7. Realization of the benefit (Training, recipe) Discount cartons of origin of equipment (servers / Pcs their CDs / DVDS and manufacturers manuals) by recording the details of the contents in the provided documentation
8. Archiving before exp e edition ofthe mat e rial to the customer Storage space used for this platform to enable the reuse of the room to another activity
Filling the document listing the equipment with weight per package / package dimensions

9. De mounting platform for the eexp edition

10. Prepreparation of the packing list for the exp e edition

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